Welcome to VeloCal, a web-based ride scheduler for fans of cycling. VeloCal allows bicyclists to create groups and schedule rides. Groups can be public (allowing anyone to join at any time), restricted (requiring riders to be approved before joining), or private (where the group is essentially invisible except by group members who can join by invitation only). Registered users can join or create groups, create rides, join rides, and receive email reminders and ride invitations. Riders can also mark their attendance options and leave comments about the ride.


  • (2013-06-08) Improved email sending :: Emails now come from a trusted source and are much more likely to pass spam filters.
  • (2013-06-02) Hosting provider change :: Technical difficulties have forced VeloCal to move to a different hosting company. Unfortunately, all data between 2013-03-07 and 2013-06-02 has been lost. If you created a new account during this time, you will need to create the account again. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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